Obama Slammed At Liberal Conference

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    http://www.washingtontimes.com/news...C. Click here for reprint permission.ference/

    *** All is not well in libertard land with their messiah!!! LOL!!! :D
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    Link doesn't work.
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    What goes on with US politics.. we elected the farthest left guy in the House [Senate? Can't recall, I'd never heard of the guy before the election] and liberal activists are not happy... The farthest left guy installed Wall Street as his cabinet too, I never understood that, probably it's things like that keep me from wanting to vote at all, it's not worth risking jury duty...
  5. Since AK Dumb Dumb is a Ron Paul supporter, why didn't he post this news?
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    And make his messiah look bad? NEVER!
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    He is just a man made of flesh and bones. Anybody faced with multiple wars, shitty economy and had only half of his country vote for him is going to get heckled mercilessly. Even if he does a good job, which in the case of Obama is questionable.
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    Many liberals are unhappy that Obama is not left enough, so in that sense you should be somewhat relieved that we have Obama for president, and not the kind of guy they really want.

    As for business, some of those are bitching about the new regulatory environment, and particularly enforcement. Primarily this is focused on workplace safety, pharmaceutical safety, and food safety. (Obama has been less successful with his desired financial regulation.) At least one conservative poster right here believes that food safety inspection and enforcement is a legitimate government expenditure. Anyway, to those businesses complaining about this I say, "boo hoo".

    Everyone is bitching about the slow economic recovery that seems to be benefiting mostly just the large, importing/exporting businesses, especially manufacturing, that can profit from growth elsewhere. I think it's important that we don't conflate and confuse a poor general economy with "leftist", or "regulation".
  9. Nice theory, too bad it's mostly fantasy.

    The left is mad at obama for not catering to them enough. All he did was enact socialized medicine, take over the car companies and the banks, let gays do their thing in the military, subsidize the far left municipal unions, sue arizona for daring to enforce immigration law, and now is trying to destroy the one state that is growing jobs, texas, over some nutty enviromental issue.

    I'm sure he would have done more to ruin our country if the democrats had managed to hold on to the House.

    Of course, the hard left is angry because that is their perpetual state. If they were normal, they wouldn't be part of the radical left.
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    :D Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark.
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