Obama signals its time short Citibank and Bank of America

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  1. Its almost too funny and shows the dangers of holding over the weekend. You were thinking that you would have a good time over this nice weekend outside while holding on to your shares of BAC and C. Meanwhile, one of Obama's advisors comes out on this peaceful Sunday afternoon...oh yeah, some of these banks are going to have some very serious problems.

    Now what will these stocks open up on Monday when the examiners come out to confess the truth about what is really going on.

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    It doesn't surprise me a bit.
  3. No effect Monday.
  4. The Obama administration probably won’t seek more federal funds to help capitalize banks, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel said today.

    “I believe we won’t” have to request additional funds from Congress, he said on ABC’s “This Week” program. “But I haven’t seen the stress tests,” he added.
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    Remember when Geitner was having problems early on? It was Axelrod. He lost out, Geitner won. Take this with a grain of salt. However, some will not test well and this is a bit of a change. Some on the street were saying all would pass with flying colors. How much faith can we put in Axelrod if Geitner decides all should pass? Not much, he lost once, he will lose again.
  6. Isnt this sooo illegal? The banks are having problems and this information is not being disclosed to investors. The President is further pressuring the banks not to disclose during the earnings calls...