Obama shuts down Gibson guitars for breaking an Indian law (not an american one)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, Aug 26, 2011.

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    "It's good to be king"
  3. Unemployment numbers just went up. This administration is on a roll baby!!
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    Not to worry, Dumbo is set to release his <s>plan</s> outline for more federal spending to alleviate that problem. Just as soon as gets done with vacationing and campaigning.
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    c'mon. obama maybe no dream ticket, but hes 1 million times an improvement on monkey boy bush. i mean bush just embarrassed the whole of the usa and made the whole country look like a bunch of jubbs.

    at least obama is only failing to improve your economy that monkey man screwed up, rather than screwing your economy AND your reputation overseas.

    luckily, i think the world is starting to like the usa again. lets hope it continues - its a great country
  6. That would explain it.
  7. That's enough to get you on my IGNORE LIST.

    Bush was a disgrace as prez.

    Odumbo is 10X worse. If you can't see that, then nothing you have to say can be of any value to anyone.
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    Gibson is the importer of record and so legally responsible for the truth and accuracy of its declarations. Even if the the goods are found to be of Indian origin, the falsification of documents will screw Gibson.
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    so we enforce Indian laws which protect Indian employees desire to put the finish on the wood in India... thereby screwing our own workers? The article said this action was done without the participation of the Indian Govt.

    Absent some unconstitutional treaty, I doubt our "law" enforcement has a right to enforce Indian law in this manner. .

    What the hell is wrong with the america hating left?

    Why not enforce our border instead?

    What next are we going to enforce Sharia law?

    I wonder if the owner of Gibson is a conservative?
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