Obama: Show proof of health insurance but not citizenship

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  1. So 'penalizing' someone is the same as racial profiling and putting them in jail for not carrying proof of residency? Is the same being done in Massachusetts with RomneyCare :confused:
  2. The audacity of Obama to now be concerned about the "civil rights" regarding this legislation yet he threw that away in regards to health care, finance reform, government buyout of GM, etc., etc.

    (To hell with liberty unless it messes with Phony Barry's voting base.)
  3. Well, now we have quant birthers, it can only get better. :D
  4. Yep....hope-n-change.............Barry gonna make it ALL better:

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama's health care overhaul law will increase the nation's health care tab instead of bringing costs down, government economic forecasters concluded Thursday in a sobering assessment of the sweeping legislation.

  5. That's why the Public Option was needed.
  6. ...LMAO..

    ....yep that would have reduced big gubmint costs..

    Lets see:

    Social Security and Mcare going under with spending more money than coming in...

    ...lets add another huge entitlement !!!!
  7. They have been going under since the 70's, why hasn't it happened yet? :confused:
  8. New York Times
    March 2010
    Social Security to See Payout Exceed Pay-In This Year

    This year, the system will pay out more in benefits than it receives in payroll taxes, an important threshold it was not expected to cross until at least 2016, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

  9. Nice of them to announce this after the bill was passed. Not that it surprised anyone who was paying attention.
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