Obama should not have won the Nobel Peace Prize!

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  1. What is the world coming to? They never give the award to anybody in my party. The GOP is the party of Christians!
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    In any event, Yasser Arafat received one of those. Yasser Arafat.

    The Nobel Peace prize has no value beyond the million+ coin.

    But, uh... as far as Republicans go, Roosevelt received one.
  3. Henry Kissinger won the Nobel as well...
  4. post from another blog-

    Health Care - no
    Out of Iraq - no
    Out of Afghanistan - no
    deal with Iran and North Korea - ha
    fix economy - hell no
    pass out our grandkids money to ACORN and dirty and/or corrupt congressmen and women - yes
    Nobel Peace Prize - of course


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    I wouldn't grade him as a failure. He's only been in office for 9 months. With that in mind, I'd grade him, incomplete.

    In 3 years, if the above stands, in light of his campaign promises and rhetoric, then yes, failure.
  6. there were people in this forum who were calling him a failure after 15 days in office?

    What's the difference now?


  7. He should not get any credit for this stock market Rally. We going to pounce his stimulus plan once the market starts back down. if the market does not go down, we will get him on the debt he has caused.

  8. Did your parents say you could use the computer?
  9. They gave him the Nobel to display the right's hatred toward America.

    Can anyone name anything that has ever come out of the South that has furthered mankind ? Of course not.
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    Peanut butter. *shrug*
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