Obama shoots like a girl

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Yours truly, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Is that all you got?
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    These are desperate times, TK9. Maybe no MJ, but not bad...

    Actually, I hear Obama wants to convert Nixon's bowling alley in the basement of the White House into a basketball court. :D

    Just look at this presidential concentration...even after 9 frames of gutter balls!

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    The guy in the background is whispering to the side, "Oh geez...another one. How should I score this, Charlie??"
  4. Nixon would have kicked Obama's ass at bowling and probably every other sport. Obama is clearly an effette girlie man.
  5. Voters have a tendency to go for the more manly candidate. Look at the post-ww II history. Ike, famous army general, JFK, war hero and movie star handsome, LBJ long, tall Texan running against jewish guy, Nixon running against Humphrey who was an older wimpy liberal, Carter was a former sub commander, running against ex-football jock Jerry Ford who had Watergate baggage, Reagan, movie star/cowboy/lifeguard man's man, Bush 41, war hero pilot, Clinton handsome rogue who ran against two elderly guys, Bush 43, fighter pilot/cowboy.

    Now John McCain, a walking profile in courage, Navy fighter jock who served five years of hard time, against a wimpy grown-up Erkle? The pattern does seem to break down when a young vigorous although wimpy candidate faces a more macho but significantly older candidate. That would be the Clinton elections and the Carter election. So there may be hope for Obama, but he has to find a way to play the age card, a dangerous move with an increasingly aging population. McCain's age was not a problem at all for him in Florida, in fact it helped him.
  6. An interesting side-by-side. I wondered how McCain could stomach it recently to shake hands with a wimpy coward that used every trick in the book to stay out of a war in which he himself suffered greatly. To me it was a dent in his credibility that he even acknowledged that endorsement.

    I think the rest of your post is total BS, although maybe some neocons perceive it as the truth, therefore proclaiming a lot of utter 'manly' rubbish. I think the 'macho-ness' of US policy is the real problem that the world is suffering from. I think McCain knows this, unlike you.
  7. LOL Funny.

    Everything in that room clashes.:cool: