Obama Shocks the Elites

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jficquette, May 14, 2009.

  1. "Though Clinton ultimately governed largely from the center, at least in appearance, it’s easy to forget that during his first two years, he reneged on his core promise of a middle-class tax cut; passed what still is, at least for the moment, the largest tax increase in history; and clumsily attempted, thankfully failing, to nationalize the health care industry. The Gingrich revolution brought this nonsense to an abrupt halt, after which Clinton’s most important concern became remaining popular and in office at whatever financial, ideological, or national security cost.

    But the heavy hitters who thought that Barack Obama would end up being the second coming of Bill Clinton should have known better. First, due to large, unaccountable flows of money and an ideological determination not seen 16 years ago, the formal and informal organizations Obama and his handlers (not necessarily in that order) have built and maintained are far more sophisticated than anything Clinton, James Carville, and his other advisers ever assembled. More important, Obama’s core radicalism far exceeds that of even Clinton’s wife Hillary on her worst day. The fact that the media mostly covered up Obama’s extreme positions and associations to dumpster-dive in Alaska may excuse the ignorance of the masses; but it doesn’t excuse that of the elites."