Obama shill Warren Buffett makes political claim gold won't be good investment.

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  1. First, Obama's business dealings have been dishonest (buying real estate way below market value from influence-peddler Tony Rezko - who now sits in jail for these practices).

    So how does Buffett continually tout his saint-like honesty at Berkshire when he works for/with someone like Obama?

    Buffet knows Obama now needs housing to recover. So Buffett has been saying he'd buy houses for over a year (while housing declines).

    Obama now needs gold to remain stable so the Fed can continue to print money without gold throwing a flag on the field. So, Buffett now goes on a road show to say we shouldn't buy gold.

    All this while Buffett acts like a peacock, receiving medals in White House ceremonies.

    Buffett is becoming unmoored from his principles. A sure sign to get out of hedge funds - and now Buffett-managed investments.
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  3. Nice name. I'm sure my most recent post with that term had some influence on your namesake.

    He's right about gold. Stocks are a way smarter investment.

    His real estate recommendation has more to do with making that asset more liquid. I think he just needs a property management company, but it sounded as if buying baskets of houses in areas needs to be addressed as something that doesn't require individual closings and make it a product where you could buy multiple houses on a single loan or instrument without all the red tape of contacting real estate agents and going through deed companies.

    They call these REITS, but usually not particularly scalable and definitely illiquid.
  4. Right wingers just filled to the gills with anger and loathing for their fellow man.They don't need much to start spewing their venom on anyone.

  5. Fantastic reading.

    Buffett's aw-shucks style conned a lot of people, but he damaged the U.S. taxpayer most.

    He makes a mistake, though, when he tells the NYTimes "I'm not courageous enough to try and influence Congress." It's verifiable that he did this multiple times.

    When you lie, you have to struggle to keep your story straight..........