Obama Set To Become 1st President Since Eisenhower To Get Over 51% Of the Vote Twic

Discussion in 'Politics' started by exGOPer, Nov 29, 2012.

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  3. OK, now what do we do for 2016? Hillary would be great, but getting a bit long in the tooth. Cuomo? Maybe, but hard to win the Midwest.

    Any other ideas to defeat Jeb/Christie/ or some other couple?
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    Haven't you heard? You guys can run pretty much anyone with a heartbeat so long as they approve of illegal immigration and promise free stuff for all supporters.
  5. Oh now, you're smarter than that. The Dem's will have a hard time going against, say, a Jeb and Christie ticket. Whether one side helps the poor folks, under $250,000 per year, or the other side helps those who make over $250,000, right?
  6. that's probably true. they will get enough illegals on the roles to make national elections look like those in california.

    It really won't matter either that obama will have wrecked the economy and our finances. His supporters don't really give a crap, provided they get their free stuff.
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    The tears doesn't seem to have stopped

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    I don't think so, the producer/tax payers seem to be outnumbered by the parasite class and their liberal bleeding heart cheerleaders.
  9. Its Hilary's if she wants it imo.Coumo is my first choice.She needs to make up her mind quick as too many top contenders like Coumo are staying on the sidelines right now because they wont run if they know she will.

    I like Hilary but like Biden her age really worries me.