Obama selloff

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  1. the dow has plunged nearly 700 points since Obama won

    American is becoming a 3rd world country run by a Maxist despot wannabe:




  2. The Market is not drinking Phoney Barry's "Change Kool-Aid"..

    ...and not smoking Barry's "Hope Bong"....
  3. Listen you retarded board jester!

    IF you promise to come back on here and post a mea culpa when the market starts going UP under Obama... than us independents and democrats and enlightened republicans won't have to hunt you down like a rabid animal and bash your head into the side of a brick wall! LOL

    Although I hope someone does soon... because you are one shameful, retarded nutjob who can't even be a good sport and give the guy a chance. Total loser!
  4. fhl


    The market is a forward looking mechanism that is routinely thought to look six months in advance, and six months down the road don't look good, especially after the actions of two days ago.

    Obama's supporters think he'll "buy them gas and pay their mortgages".
    The last two days market tells us what the people who's money will be "redistributed" think about that idea.
  5. It looks like a weekly downswing looking at the last couple weeks but hell it's all Obama's fault!!! TERRORIST!!#!& lol just kidding guys
  6. Couldn't agree more! is that why he nominated an Israeli general,. who happened to be the son of an Israeli terrorist, as the chief of staff??
  7. Please don't feed the trolls (stocktrad3r is the worst). They are here for attention. If ignored, they will go away.
  8. ok - good advice.