Obama Seeks $82.8 Billion to Fund Wars

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Landis82, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. The Obama administration will send Congress an $82.8 billion war cost request to fund operations in Iraq and Afghanistan through the end of September, a request that if fully funded will bring the total cost of the two campaigns in fiscal year 2009 to $148.7 billion, according to Pentagon officials.

    The new figure is $13.1 billion higher than the $69.7 billion estimate for remaining FY-09 war costs that Defense Secretary Robert Gates sent lawmakers on Dec. 31, and would effectively allocate the full amount the Pentagon requested last fall before the Office of Management and Budget in December pared back the request


    Who said that Obama would be "soft" when it came to supporting the troops over in Iraq and Afghanistan?
  2. It truly is amazing how people like you go from blaming all the money Bush spent on the wars to sucking on Obama's wang when he decides to spend money on the wars.

    By the way he is soft. What leader doesn't even mention the fact that he is sending 17,000 troops to the mideast?