Obama Scrubs the Web of All Birth Docs

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  1. Ur kiddin me.

    U think the POTUS has gone all Above Top Secret over a birth certificate and some tin foil hat wearers????:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  2. Yeah, I do.

    Why expend such massive legal funds over a birth certificate and some school records.
  3. Please explain the $2,000,000 in lawyers fees...

    I personally don't know what to believe but the actions of Obama is more telling of a person(s) trying to hide information.

    All the school records not being released are the icing on cake.

    It seems pretty clear that there is an organized operation to keep Obama's past a big secret. And I'm sure it's because the majority of Americans
    would turn on him quick.
  4. Why would he get rid of them? You should take the tin foil off its blocking out the obvious.
  5. If it jeopardized his presidency...........you betcha.'

    some of these "tin-foil' hat kooks you are speaking of are seeing through the bullshit being fed from the media and
    gov. Blind will always lead the blind.

    the wolf pack is waiting.
  6. I'm not even going to get on the birth certificate silliness again but I will say this

    What if Obama was born in Africa ? What if because his dad was a British citizen so was Obama ? Question is ....WHAT ARE YOU OBAMA RACISTS AND HATERS GOING TO DO ABOUT IT ?

    The answer is you all aren't going to do anything about it.The man is the President of The United States and its just kills you inside,its eats away at you every minute of every day and it hurts even more because you know their isn't a dam thing you can do about it .
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    Obama could answer the allegations with the proper documentation any time he wanted to up until now... Legislators in Oklahoma think it's a serious enough issue that they are going to make it a law that candidates have to present all the proofs of birth to be on the ballot...
  8. I guarantee you Obama will be on Oklahoma's ballot in 2012
  9. NKNY


    Of course he's hiding something... One who has nothing to fear would show a long form and keep 2 million.

    But of course the we are crazy, its another "conspiracy " theory... and the boob tube zombies who cant think for themselves anymore, the ones who believe "if it's on TV, It must be true" can somehow come to the logical conclusion that a man spending millions on something that could very easily go away by showing a single "long form" piece of paper... (yes, one like I have that shows the DR who delivered me, the hospital and the date) is normal.

    Oh Yeah, we're so crazy... how do we come up with this crap.
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