Obama Says Yes We Can....Caterpillar Says No We Can´t....

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  1. Lucrum


    What would make president Hussein think that a liberal mega pork barrel spending package, with little real stimulus, would allow Caterpillar to rehire laid off workers?

    Apparently he thought he could just say that because it sounds nice, and no body would notice just how fucking stupid the statement was.
  2. Mav88


    you mean 'because of' and therefore we should hope for another republican revolution, Clinton had no policies, congress sets the budget not the president. By your own logic one should assume debt is bad, then why support the current administration?

    The plot is cute, but once we start plotting in the new deficits it will make all previous deficits look like haypennies.
  3. No worries, once the democraps decide to directly subsidize your neighbors mortgage, I guarantee you republicans will take back both the house and senate during the mid term elections.
  4. You may not know this but every budget bill officially starts out in the house.

    Also congress runs the show not the president.

    If you look at it another way, from the spending point of view (something congress and the president have direct control over) it was the Contract with America when Newt Gingrich became speaker of the house that actually caused for the first time in a long time a reduction in the rate of spending increases.

    It was not that Clinton was good despite congress it was that congress was good at cutting the spending.

    Those days are gone for a while and we shall all see what deficits can really look like when you have the drunken feel good damm tomorrow only today matters congress in session.

    (no I am not a republican either)
  5. "What's happening at this company tells us a larger story about what's happening with our nation's economy because, in many ways, you can measure America's bottom line by looking at Caterpillar's bottom line," the president said.


    Perhaps you can measure America's bottom line by looking at GM's bottom line.

    Conspicously absent is the adage. What's good for GM is good for the country OR Gm is going down the tubes, c'mon in the waters fine.
  6. Lucrum


    According to your chart the national debt declined between 1995 and 2000.
    While the house was Republican controlled, according to you.

    During the Reagan years wasn't the house controlled by the Democrats?

    Starting to see any holes in YOUR fantasy yet?
  7. Republicons do not let facts to distort their story. They have run massive deficits but talk about fiscal responsibility. The size of the government has been the largest ever during W's presidency.

    The economy did good during Clinton years because of Reagan, but it somehow missed another republican after Reagan. Currently the economy is bad but that is due to Clinton. It's all Obama's fault (although he has been in the office for less than a month). If the market recovers, then it will be because of Reagan. He decided to bless this country from his grave.
  8. Aok


    Both parties are worthless.

    Bottom line is: too many able bodied bums can vote themselves a raise from political hacks, who in turn could not profitably run a lemondade stand in the real world.

    And too many ticks have their pincers in the pie with a vested interest in gain, not their pain even though that is necessary for the survival of the host.

  9. I call that "smile now cry later" economics. Thank you Greenspan/supply side economics/Reaganomics/Ayn Rand/Adam Smith.

    I love them all. Greed is good. The pursuit of self-interest is a person's highest moral obligation. Government should only exist to protect businessmen and their riches from their own mistakes.

    ...we all have an interest in this economy. If someone believes that there is some way that someone is not hurt by inflation, we are obviously all hurt by inflation. If you really wanted to examine who percentage-wise is hurt the most in their incomes, it is the Wall Street brokers. I mean their incomes have gone down the most. So if you want to get statistical, I mean let's look at what the facts are.

    - Alan Greenspan, '74

    I love that quote. It gets right to the point. Screw the destitute. The brokerages lost a few percentage points on their commissions, dammit. I mean, come on, it is simple math.
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