Obama says "Typical White Person". Imagine if someone said that about a black person

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  1. Imus referred to blacks as "you people" and got in trouble with sharpton.
  2. To the dimwits who watch Fox all day:
    Did it ever occur to you that Obama could be refering to himself? (He is actually refering to his own mother but I see little difference there).

    Why is it that a half white person is automatically assumed to be black by "you people?" Could it be because of the racism in you that you never realised?
  3. Half white/half black people gets a pass on both sides
  4. I suppose a half white person is assumed to be black in our society is because he would be a "sell out" or "failing to embrace his identity" or in denial of who is is or where he came from. A half white person is not allowed to reject or pick and choose his heritage. Black america won't let him and neither will the "man" in this case the gov't. Which box does a half white person check off on the census?
  5. Really? Which country do you live in? In the country I live in, called USA, half white people are considered black by most people.
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    now this is a breath of fresh air..... FINALLY, an honest discusssion abou race can begin at long last...

    (please just don't mention anything that be construed as negative toward blacks, if you are whites that is)

    ok confession time ... I pitied blacks until I was about 28, then suddenly it dawned on me, pity is a drug, I was a pusher.
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    Think of it as complimentary. White people are mostly rational enough to realize that "typical" is a word used to denote a valid generalization.

    Now, when referring to say, a black youth age 16-29, if a white person were to say that the typical black youth listens to hip-hop, a Black person would probably take offense and throw up a strawman argument that not all Blacks listen to hip hop. They may even go so far as to throw in as an example, some prominent black figure who listens to, say, gospel or classical music. And this is irrespective of the fact that indeed, >75% of Black youths, age 16-29, listen to Hip Hop.
  8. My hat is off for you James.
  9. "I pitied blacks until I was about 28, then suddenly it dawned on me, pity is a drug, I was a pusher."

    Over the years I've been back and forth on the issue. As I move along the learning curve, blacks and whites are equally getting fucked in different ways, just a matter of time and place.
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