Obama says the right words, but take a look at what he does

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mikasa, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. mikasa


    Yeah I'll admit cheering for him during elections (how could you not after Bush/Cheney)

    but isn't it time to wake up and smell the roses

    Obama says the right words, but take a look at what he does

    1.Guantanamo still not closed as promised

    2.Home surveillance of citizens without warrant CONTINUES

    3.Sent Additional 30 000 troops into war

    4.Take a look at people appointed for economy, ALL GOLDMAN / FED buddies

    You people need to come off sugar and drugs and smell the coffee
  2. Lethn


    You need to stop being a propaganda douchebag, I've seen your topics and most of them just seem to revolve around constantly maligning political alignments and ideologies without even really giving sources to back up your claims.

    Oh and you're posting in the worst sections for it.
  3. rc822


    Typical Obama b.s. rhetoric. He'll accomplish nothing as usual. There's not a damn thing he can do to stop the Democrats from going down in flames on Nov. 2nd. I can't wait!!!!!!! :D
  4. Well, he clearly indicated during the campaign he is a Socialist/Marxist/Commie. (He didn't lie ALL OF THOSE TIMES.)

    That's how anyone with half-a-brain could "not" vote for him.
  5. mikasa


    Everything is verifiable and TRUE that I posted

    You are the douchebag

    You are the one spilling propaganda, I wouldn't be surprised if you were posting out of Pentagon or Mossad propaganda program for the internet

    not surprised one bit
  6. Baron

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  7. mikasa


    ok I'll stay away from announcement

    I know that you voicing your opinion is "bad business" but time will come Baron when you too will have to pick sides

    if US goes the way of China and starts censoring internet, your profits will drop by more than half due to less posts by people like me

    I know it seems completely ludicrous, but I see people having LESS rights in the future not more

    and future is soon 5-10 years