Obama says he is gonna reduce costs?

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  1. The single largest component of spiraling health care cost is malpractice insurance, and all the redundant procedures that are required to keep it within reach of experienced practioners.

    How come no talk of tort reform? This should be the "low hanging fruit" to fix health care.

    Somebody's lying. :D
  2. notice he dodged the question about giving up choices, like end of life care and things like that.

    Say goodbye to grandma!
  3. Not just Grandma. The cost cuts they are gonna need will probably put folks over 75 outside the system for standard care. And for "state of the art" care, you'll probably need to be under 70 to get it.

    Almost nobody seems to notice the glaring contradiction. Washington bureaucrats will never get the health care they are contemplating giving to us. They have their own "Private" plan.

    We're just silly common folk. Yeah, give us the crap plan. You sophisticated folks in Washington are so much smarter than we are. You keep the good plan :D
  4. The folks in Washington get to keep their private run plan.
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    I don't know why a conservative would care about Grandma? Seems republican to say if Grandma doesn't have the cash, she doesn't get the titanium hip, she gets a cane. Works for me, later Grandma! Lets not distort good $ sense on party lines alone.
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    I have a friend who is a surgeon in NYC. He once told me that his annual malpractice insurance premiums are 3.5MM. 3.5MM!!! Add to that his fixed expenses (equipment & office rent), staff salaries, etc. So he has to generate revenue. Any wonder why doctors have to inflate their bills just to cover these expenses.
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    No chance. Maybe $350k. That's still way too much.

    He may gross $3.5mm before office expenses, malpractice, etc.
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    Legal largesse has got to go....
  9. Bingo.

    As for the possibility of streamlined, cost-effective, government-run healthcare, we already have three huge case studies: Medicare, Medicaid and the VA. Why doesn't Obama use them as shining examples of quality, low-cost service with minimal hassle and paperwork?
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    no. 3.5 million he says. Was shocked but said it was because surgeon's rates are much higher than the norm because of the higher incidence of complications resulting from their care. Don't know if it was his personal costs or for the group (3 drs) but it was still a shocking number
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