Obama says he "deserves" second term

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  1. Deserves?!?!

    Obama says he deserves second term
    February 6, 2012, 11:08 AM

    Barack Obama thinks he deserves a second term, and at least one new poll suggests that he may get one.

    “I deserve a second term, but we’re not done,” Obama said in an interview with NBC News. Obama said that his administration has made progress, but that the White House has to make sure that progress isn’t thrown off.

    Three years ago, Obama said if the economy wasn’t fixed by now that he would be a “one-term proposition” – a line Republicans have used against him.

    The interview aired Sunday and Monday. In a poll published Monday, registered voters were evenly split over whether Obama deserved a second term as president. The Washington Post-ABC News poll taken Feb. 1-4 showed that 49% of voters said he deserved another term and 49% of voters said he didn’t.

    Stacked up against Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich, however, Obama’s second-term fortunes look better. Voters preferred Obama to former Massachusetts Gov. Romney 51%-45% in the poll, and chose Obama over ex-House Speaker Gingrich 54%-43%.

    It’s also clear from the poll, however, that Obama has work to do with voters when it comes to the economy. Voters who disapprove of his record on both the economy and job creation in the poll outnumber those who approve.

    – Robert Schroeder
  2. pspr


    Obama deserves something alright. A swift kick in the posterior right out of the White House!!
  3. Exactly, Obama deserves to be unemployed.
  4. Give Rodney another chance..
  5. The Founders were not only brilliant but also wise.

    They tried to craft "checks and balances" so that perhaps certain factions or people would not be able to "change" America in the way greedy politicians are known to do. After all they knew the history of European governments and wanted for us to NOT be like them.... Yet, we are fast becoming a dictatorial government.

    :mad: :mad:
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    I figured out today that RCG is right. Obama cannot afford to alienate every catholic in the USA. He has given away his thin margin. I say he will lose in the fall over that single decision.

    He deserves a commerical flight back to Chicago where he can become a Ward Boss, Alderman or dogcatcher for the City of Chicago.
  7. pspr


    Wouldn't that be funny if he went to work for Rahm? :D