Obama said "USA is a nation of Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus

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    At USA President Inauguration, Obama said "USA is a nation of Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus and non-believers."

    I thought USA was a nation of Christain & Jews.

    It is highly surprising now outsiders are ruling USA without any war or fight. Outsiders are taking over USA politely and quietly. After sometime genuine USA people will be slaves.

    There is no jobs for genuine USA citizens. Outsiders are the root cause for all the troubles & financial losses in USA & Europe.

    Barack Obama is an outsider. First, Obama should be thrown out of USA.
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    Hindus & Muslims are low-wage workers. Their role is to do their job & one day leave USA forever.

    USA is a nation of Christians & Jews.

    Hindus, Muslims and Barack Obama are outsiders.
  3. :eek:
  4. dude you need to seriously think about going to rehab.

    Obama is elected president, and he was elected by common people of united states who are so much fade up from bullshit from people like you.

    What USA needs is leader with vision and no one could be better then obama at this moment? Do you have any idea how much people of the world have hopes from obama?

    People of the united states and world have hopes from obama that he will bring back economic prosperity in united states and peace in rest of the world.

    Grow up.
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    have another sip of koolaid
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    1)Too bad we still don't have one.

    2)Hope huh? I hope I'm going to win the lottery someday but I'm not going to sit on my ass and wait for it to happen. Ever hear the term "self reliance"?

    3)Wow, sounds like YOU need to grow up. There is only so much the President can do in the first place, even under the best of circumstances. And even less when his country is on the verge of bankruptcy.
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    When Ronald Reagan said, "Government is not the solution, government is the problem". And then proceeded to give the power back to the people, we prospered right through to the end of the Clinton Era.
  8. It's was actually a nation of Christians and Deists, the Deists actually being more instrumental in the throwing off of non legitimate authority

    It sure as hell wasnt a nation of hindus

    So why is Obama so biggoted against Buhudists?
  9. actually, he spent us into oblivion - debt soared during that 'prosperity'

    and when the debt became unmanagable, we had to go into hock to the communist chinese

    lotta good all those missiles did
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    I think outsiders voted Barack Obama to Power of USA President.

    There are 4 million & more Indians working in USA. Now think of Chinese, Muslims & other outsiders living in USA.

    If I am correct, 95% of black people voted for Barack Obama in the USA elections.
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