Obama said it again, no debt problem

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mav88, Mar 13, 2013.

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  2. Mav88


    He won't even listen to his own damn bi-partisan panel.

    He's living in his own liberal bubble. Who the hell voted for this asshole?

  3. Lucrum


    Dumb ass sheeple. Most of whom belong to the "47%".
  4. pspr


    Yeah, Obama says we are good into the next decade. He and Bernanke have solved the debt problem. Now let's tax some more "rich people", crank up the entitlement spending and grow this government.

    Oh, and confiscate those guns but make sure Iran get's it's nukes - and Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Egypt and Kuwait and Iraq, etc. get some, too. But, let's get rid of our nukes. We don't use them anyway.
  5. We're handing out hundreds of millions to the islamist terrorists who took over Egypt. We want to "retain influence" with them. How about we make them demonstrate they are deserving of the money instead?

    It's not just Obama either. McCain and his crowd are all for showering money on Egypt, Libya, getting involved in syria, you name it. But they want to cut SS and medicare here. That's a winning plan alright.

    You'd think some of them would learn something. Instead, they are pushing Jeb Bush on us. We went to the bush gene pool twice and both times it was a disaster. so that's where we look again?

    Obama ran on taxing people who make more than you do. romney ran on taking away popular tax breaks and cutting medicare. And he blames the media for his loss?
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