Obama: Roll Over And Do What I Say

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    John Boehner: Well, OK. Just toss me a little bone like Harry Reid's $1 Billion in spending cuts.

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  2. I'm willing to rent the republican party my spine, because historically these bozo's make Col. Klink look good.
  3. Yeah, no kidding.
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    ....and in need of a handkerchief.
  5. You know, I tried to delete that because I thought it was a little unfair.

    Boehner is in a difficult position. We all see that. He has important constituencies, eg defense contractors, who are livid over the possibility of these cuts. Plus, a lot of people see nothing wrong with raising taxes on anyone who makes more than they do.

    The Bush tax cuts were a package however. They should stand or fall as a package. Democrats have a habit of voting for stuff, then wanting to come back and cherry pick only the parts they like.

    The problem here is that neither obama nor the democrats have any interest in deficit reduction. They just want to force through these tax increases to rub the republicans noses in the fact he won and to piss off the republicans supporters.

    Now boehner can go along with that and be obama's bitch, or he can be a man. If he is inclined to do the former, I suggest he resign his Speakership and we get someone with some real balls in there, like Michelle Bachmann. Otherwise, I honestly think it is the end of the republican party.
  6. Well it's about fvckin time the voter had a choice.
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  8. Aaaahhhh...tanning tax....I get it.........Obama throws in a tanning tax just for shits and giggles, piss off Boehner.
  9. When John first learned about the tax


    The first time John met with Obama after learning about the tax

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    Max E.

    The first time obama met someone who wasnt to choomed out to call his bullshit.

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