Obama rides favorable political winds

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    Obama rides favorable political winds

    For once, Barack Obama is behaving like a president with the wind at his back, rather than one taking the full force of a political gale in the face.

    Rising poll numbers, favorable economic data and a Republican primary race that has torn holes in the electability argument of his most likely Republican foe Mitt Romney, have combined to put a new spring in Obama's step.

    And a daring raid by Navy SEALS to rescue an American aid worker and a Danish colleague from Somali pirates last week further enhanced the commander-in-chief resume on which he will run hard in November.

    "Four more years" chanted a supporter at a raucous rally in Michigan on Friday. "Ok," Obama replied in a brash show of confidence.

    Asked last week by an ABC News anchor how much he wanted to win reelection after a crisis-strewn three years in power, the ultra-competitive president replied "badly."

    And showing new disdain for his political foes, Obama publicly ticked off Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer on an airport taxiway last week -- in full view of the press.

    Yet despite rising hopes in the White House, political winds can shift quickly, and the roots of future electoral woe could be lurking even in cheering economic data, and over the Atlantic as Europe struggles to keep a debt crisis sparking global contagion.

    Obama is also yet to face the prolonged and withering critique of his economic record that his Republican opponent will unleash in a bid to deprive him of the second term all presidents crave.

    For now though, Obama is relishing the chance to lay into Republicans who drained the joy from much of his presidency.

    Obama has often looked exhausted by the bitter attrition of divided Washington, with the hope of his 2008 campaign a distant memory. But in recent weeks, he has appeared liberated, mostly when he has left Washington's partisan jungle far behind.

    He flirted with a 4,000 strong crowd of students on Friday, rolling out his staple campaign line "I love you back."

    Obama recently even burst into song, crooning to supporters "I'm ... so in love with you" in a sound bite that went viral, has six million hits on YouTube and is now a ring tone.

    "He's certainly in a very good mood, and those of you who have seen him up close I think can confirm that," White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters on Air Force One.

    "He always enjoys getting out into the country."
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    In the context of "Obama rides favorable winds" one has to wonder, based on your racist post in the referred to thread, if a Democrat black American, like President Obama, can be considered a House ______ or Field ______.

    Perhaps you can clarify.

    Understand your consternation but it is relevant.

    I see your english is breaking down into some kind of dialect.
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    It seems like a relevant question.

    If you can imply that a Republican black American is a House ______ or Field ______ one has to wonder if you apply that equally to Democrat black Americans.
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    If your thread is "ruined" it is probably because nobody can understand the rabid racism you displayed in the Allen West thread when they see you lavish obvious affection on Barrack Obama.

    I guess only a Republican black American can be a House ______ or a Field ______?
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