Obama Requires YOU to SERVE, H.R.1388, "The Give Act" to reform the National Service

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  1. Scary. Hard to believe people will support this, but they go along with public schools dictating service requirements to graduate from high school.
  2. All those kids at Obama campaign rallies yelling "YES WE CAN"
    They were agreeing to this sevice and also to letting Obama borrow a few trillion dollars from their future.
  3. Will they all be required to wear brown shirts?
  4. :D :D :D LOL, ah yes, youth is wasted . . . on youth
  5. The bill would also create “green” opportunities — including a Clean Energy Corps to focus on environmental conservation. It would also create a Healthy Futures Corps, focusing on health care; a Veteran Services Corps, focusing on services for military veterans; and an Education Corps.

    Oh the comedy.

    I could read about this give act all day long.
  6. TGregg


    Oh please. Green shirts, not brown. Haven't you been paying attention? I think you need to report to the reeducation camp so you can have your problematic thinking corrected.

    The green shirts are on their way. Please do not resist.
  7. Actually, Uniforms are called for in the bill.
  8. Looks like the same old uniform to me...

    <img src=http://punditkitchen.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/political-pictures-arnold-schwarzenegger-new-republican-uniform.jpg>

  9. I wonder how the "yes we can" crowd will react when they find they are required to put their lives on hold and "serve the party" for 3 years? After all, didn't they elect NObama so he could GIVE them something?

    This type of thing is a requirement in many other countries... much like our military draft formerly was required of some.

    But to institute such a policy now... into the young, "I've always had everything handed to me" generation.... might not sit so well.

    Perhaps resistance to this notion and a young people's rebellion will be the start of getting rid of the NObama jerkwad.. :mad:
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