Obama Releases CIA Interrogation Techniques

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  1. Once again we are treated to an example of why liberals can never be trusted with the security of the country. Obama just handed our interrogation playbook over to al qaeda, courtesy of the traitors at the ACLU.


    Obama consulted widely on memos
    By MIKE ALLEN | 4/16/09 6:30 PM EDT

    White House senior adviser David Axelrod says President Barack Obama spent about a month pondering whether to release Bush-era memos about CIA interrogation techniques, and considered it “a weighty decision.”

    “He thought very long and hard about it, consulted widely, because there were two principles at stake,” Axelrod said . “One is … the sanctity of covert operations … and keeping faith with the people who do them, and the impact on national security, on the one hand. And the other was the law and his belief in transparency.”

    The president consulted officials from the Justice Department, the CIA, the director of National Intelligence and the Homeland Security Department, according to his adviser.

    “It was a weighty decision,” Axelrod said. “As with so many issues, there are competing points of view that flow from very genuine interests and concerns that are to be respected. And then the president has to synthesize all of it and make a decision that’s in the broad national interest. He’s been thinking about this for four weeks, really.”

    A former top official in the administration of President George W. Bush called the publication of the memos “unbelievable.”

    “It's damaging because these are techniques that work, and by Obama's action today, we are telling the terrorists what they are,” the official said. “We have laid it all out for our enemies. This is totally unnecessary. … Publicizing the techniques does grave damage to our national security by ensuring they can never be used again — even in a ticking-time- bomb scenario where thousands or even millions of American lives are at stake."

    “I don't believe Obama would intentionally endanger the nation, so it must be that he thinks either 1. the previous administration, including the CIA professionals who have defended this program, is lying about its importance and effectiveness, or 2. he believes we are no longer really at war and no longer face the kind of grave threat to our national security this program has protected against.”

    Obama did not act on an arbitrary timeline. There was a deadline in a court case with the ACLU on Thursday. It had been extended, but the ACLU was not going to agree to another.
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    you are a simpleton...do you raise cows or sheep?
  3. He owns neither.
    Nor does he own a BRAIN.
    Very sad.
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    This statement is as idiotic as saying that if you show the public what mode of execution death row inmates will receive that you will endanger the security of the nation.Pure utter mindless gop rubbish.
  5. The Bush official is undoubtedly talking about "water-boarding" and torture.


    The Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution says that we DO NOT TORTURE.

    *"Interpreting the Constitution as permitting waterboarding in secret prisons is, to most experts outside the administration, legally outrageous and politically untenable. It means that the Bush administration accepts, in principle, that the FBI may use waterboarding, painful stress positions, forced nudity and other methods on Americans, in American prisons, "in certain circumstances." That's why the Justice Department has classified its memos on the subject and kept its conclusions secret. That's why President Bush and Vice President Cheney have worked so hard to stop the McCain amendment, which would pave the way for legal challenges to their interpretation. They want to give themselves the authority to commit human rights abuses without having to explain or justify themselves to the public, the world -- or an impartial court."


    We've already spent several years "trampling" the U.S. Constitution under the Bush Administration and an incredibly corrupt DOJ that refused to protect the Constitution of the United States of America.

    All of these "ugly" little memos between the CIA and the DOJ are now coming out, and Obama decides to give Bush, Cheney, and their cronies a "free" pass.

    Absolutely pathetic.
    No one seems to care about what has made this Country great. Our forefathers must be rolling over in their graves right about now.

    We've gone the way of the Serbs.
    How sad.

  6. Oh Noes! Evildoers are gonna kill us all! You still believe a bunch of men with ak-47s in the desert pose a serious danger to US?

    War on Terror is a Scam. Always was always will be.
  7. And to top it all off, Jay Bybee the former assistant Attorney General at the Office of Legal Counsel ( an office that was once called the conscience of the Justice Department ) under the Bush Administration who authored the "Torture Memo" and who said, "Water boarding does not inflict severe suffering" is now a sitting Federal judge who has tenure and cannot be removed, unless impeached.



    Hey, but leave it to the mindless "pea-brained" OP who created this thread not to have a problem with those that "trample" the U.S. Constitution.
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    its amazing how these gop kool aid drinkers love failure(bush policies)and hate success(obama stabilizing the mess-oh yeah stock market is UP under obama).

    Why do conservatives hate america so much?Love it or leave it,eh?
  10. These actions were only done on non-citizens combatants.

    This Obama release is our president shitting on the USA. Cheap shots to make him look good. Obama takes internal memo's spins them to slam the previous President. Very tacky and not necessary.
    We all know what happen, it is old news.

    This only makes you feel good if you hate Bush.
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