Obama Rejected Bipartisan Deal

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bone, Jul 25, 2011.

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    Senator Mitch McConnell setting some facts straight on the Senate floor today:

    "to demand the largest single debt limit increase in history, half a trillion more than the previous biggest increase Democrats approved two years ago when they controlled both Congress and the White House."

    “Look: Congress has raised the federal debt limit 63 times since 1972. The average length of an increase over that period is just over seven months. But now the President says it has to be nearly two years. Why? So he can continue to spend as he pleases.

    “This weekend, we offered the President a bipartisan proposal to avoid default so we could have the time we need to put together a serious plan for getting our house in order, and he rejected it out of hand. Not for economic reasons. But, as he put it, `to extend this debt ceiling through the next election.’
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    McConnell is a putz. I trust him about the same as I do Harry.
  3. Obama is just stubborn! There is no way around it, the deal will have to be bipartisan.
  4. Ricter


    You mean, the deal will have to contain both spending cuts and tax increases?
  5. Lucrum


    Doesn't have to, spending cuts alone could easily balance the budget.
  6. The Republicans coundn't identify bipartisan in a lineup.