Obama rally.

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  1. Looks like Obama reassured the equity markets, and IWM (Small caps) exploded upwards to 2.85%

    So small Business seems comfortable with Obama and the street spoke today.
  2. The bulk of the rally occured earlier after the NBER announced that the recession was over in June '09 (guess all the unemployment and housing slump since then has been imaginary). That last excessive run-up in small-caps is typical of big up days...and vice versa on big down days. The S&P only added 4-5 points the final hours. I've seen that happen many times without a President, Fed chairman, etc. speaking.
  3. NBER announcement had nothing to do with it, it was the anticipation of Obamas speech with the second leg of the rally on conclusion of the speech.
  4. Ok, if the village idiot/failed FX trader says so, so shall it be. All hail king of the shorts and his most blessed, Barry Insane O.
  5. You need to get emotion out of trading. The problem is you hate Obama so you trade against his speeches and always lose.

    You need to go with the flow. When Obama is trotted out by the white house, Markets rally. Remember get your emotions out of the trade and make money.

    All those short are making money now because of his speech.
  6. hajimow


    near future's headline:

    Fear of a DDR brought bears to the scene.