Obama Rally!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by shortie, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. you could have fooled me :D
  2. Obama is BAD for stocks
  3. best thing about this election is that McCain will submit to Obama early in the evening and folks could get some sleep instead of waiting in front of TV till late.
  4. dhpar


    that's probably the first time that something in your book is bad for stocks...
  5. On Wednesday, we will see how American traders respond to voting in their own tax increases and loss of liberty.
  6. I call it "Voque voting"...voting for Obama...not knowing any issues, just cool to do,like the hollywood crowd does...
  7. So I was also told back in 1992 when Clinton was swept into the white House. Who would have thought then the largest deficit inherited from Bush senior would actually swing to the largest surplus? Who would have possibly thought all three market averages would eventually make all-time highs and then some, all the way to March 2000?
  8. traders who make real money will have to work harder.

    luckily for 99% traders Obama won't affect them at all.

  9. I'd hardly label morons as, well, "morons" but you're an exception. At this time, I'm actually gripped by the fear and trembling in the face of irresolvable stupidity shown by your kind.
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    Another genius quote from ET's greatest trader.

    Give it up my friend and go back to accounting or whatever the hell you did before you decided to grace us with your nonsense.

    Obama will be much better for the economy then McCain.

    Only problem is BUSH has F ed u all over for a long long time and it won't matter who get's in.
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