Obama Proves He's Weak On Illegals AND States Rights

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  1. President Obama strongly criticized it.... Saying the failure of officials in Washington to act on immigration would open the door to “irresponsibility by others,” he said the Arizona bill threatened “to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and our communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe.”

    The political debate leading up to Governor Brewer’s decision, and Mr. Obama’s criticism of the law — presidents very rarely weigh in on state legislation — underscored the power of the immigration debate in states along the Mexican border. It presaged the polarizing arguments that await the president and Congress as they take up the issue nationally.

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    Read in foreign affairs last month they need these workers to offset aging populations. So they will never stop the flood at the federal level. Arizona efforts will fail, they want more to come, and anyone they pick to be Pres from either party will go along. Check McCain's records, no difference. They want them to keep coming.

    My opinion.. I'm pretty sure they want them to stay illegal too. Pay into the social security ponzi but never take out. However they are taking from the health system. Might as well legalize them and make them pay in there too.

    Either way, and disregarding my own silly opinion. It aint stopping. They said it in bold type.
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    They don't make enough to pay their way and much of their pay is under the table so they never pay the full tax load anyway. We do not need tens of millions of uneducated wogs.
  4. Why is it that the idiots blame the government for illegal immigration...when it is typically the flag waving, Fox News watching type who hires the illegals.

    If no one hired them, they would not be here.

    Just another example of people blaming the government for the shortcomings of the people in our country...

    Get this:


    Stop hiring them, the problem goes away.

    Got ants in your house?

    Clean the damn house, don't give them anything to eat off the floor...
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    Weird how Arizona just went rogue. When I heard the new policy being described in positive terms it was a hispanic guy doing the explaining!

    It seems like the states are starting to eat Mr. Obama's lunch. Could state recalcitrance be the resistance factor the Obama regime did not count on?

    I would love to see some historic act by a state that ends up defining Barrack Obama. Future generations would open a history book and it would say:

    Bill Clinton: Redneck, swindler, likes flavored cigars
    Barrack Obama: caused the State Revolt of 2010

    That would be a footnote that stuck with him and would overshadow healthcare. :)
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    Everyday people don't hire illegals directly, usually there is a front man, a legalized mexican who contracts for a job and then trucks in his workers who are illegals.

    The few who benefit from this are not considering the enormous damge being done by these hoards of uneducated, welfare system busting, illegals.
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    Very true. I hire my guy Tony and he brings a crew. That crew he pays cash and isn't likely here legally. What else are you going to do in S.Cal, hire Lithuanians?
  8. Ricter


    Labor should be no more and no less free than capital in crossing borders.
  9. These people will one day be watching a totally white crew up on their house doing the roofing work and thinking God bless America. Until they realize most have criminal records and all are drug users. Hope they like watching the white workers with their shirts off and their prison tats covering the body and the snaggled tooth grin from the meth roofer who can't find any other work. Wait till they see how their new white roofers look at their cute 14 year old daughter coming home from school.
    You don't have these problems with Mexican workers, green card or otherwise.
  10. stopping illegal immigrants is one thing but this law says the police stopsyou and ask you for your papers?

    what if a spanish tourist is visiting, does he have to carry his passport around, does an american citizen of hispanic descent have to carry his passport when he is walking arnd his home minding his own business, reminds me of those central asian dictatorships, former soviet satellites, the police there would routinely stop peop who did not look like tajiks,uzbeks,etc and ask u to show ur papers.

    fuck that shit, i am not going to arizona
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