Obama promises to "unleash prosperity for everybody, not just some..."

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  1. Obama promises to "unleash prosperity for everybody, not just some..."

    I can't believe this was quoted.

    As if he holds the key to unlimited wealth for all.

    Whatever happened to hard work, discipline, receiving what one earns.

    ...excuse me while I go puke a little....


  2. this guy is an absolute disaster.
    way in over his head to begin with, seems to have realized its 4 and out trying to rush everything and cash in on headlines and leave the shit for the generations to come
  3. This belongs in the politics section.

    The two statements above are not contradictory if the socio-economic system is fair for all participants.
  4. 3121


    what does "hard work" really mean?

    work smarter not harder. :cool:

    true hard work, that's for saps
  5. jd7419


    History has already been written. Obama is the best president we have ever had.
  6. "we" as in the welfare nation, yeah u right, get another cell phone on someone else's dime

    Is there anyone here on ET that ACTUALLY TRADES for a living instead of littering this website with meaningless drivel that has nothing to do with TRADING???
  8. Mvic


    Its working, welfare recipient AIG up 40% today :)
  9. You run out of tampons this morning?
  10. 3121


    i work hard I dig ditches i deserve all this world has to offer..

    give me a break :D

    work smarter


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    that ain't workin that's way you do it playin your guitar on MTV

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