Obama produces his birth cert. to prove he's an all American boy

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  1. I had to admit I had my doubts. His grandmother reportedly said he was born in Kenya. His school certs. say he's a Muslim and he wouldn't produce the birth cert. evidence.

    This has settled my doubts and I hope it does so for anyone else who was concerned about the legality of Obama standing for President.

  2. haha...thats funny as hell
  3. W4rl0ck


    That is hilarious.

    But he still hasn't shown a birth certificate now has he?
  4. Yeah, he did, sealed and signed on the back. Plus the state even came out with a statement that it was real and to stop bothering them. There are many, many pictures of it on the web.

    Anyone who isn't sure at this point is either functionally retarded or has been in a sealed plastic bubble to avoid being contaminated by facts.
  5. Seems like there's a few retards going to court. Obama won't produce the evidence and that's why it went to court and will continue to be challenged.


    All Obama has to do is produce his birth cert. to silence the doubters. Why not do it?

    Now I know we should all blindly trust the state, but for some trust is based on experience. You decide which makes for a retard.
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    Oh. If it's on the "web" it must be true.

    Guess you're the retard. :)

  7. Of course they are. It is ET, which stands for Elite Trader AND Entertainment, which I get by reading comments from all of the Starbucks' working wanna-be traders who live with their parents and who trade Sim. And vote Republican, because they are so successful and self-sufficient.
  8. The Berg case was dismissed for "lack of standing" (ie. he's crazy) and he wants to appeal it.

    If you haven't bothered to even look at any news in the past weeks, you're just lazy -- then you fill your head with Worldnetdaily? It's not news, you know. News requires actual reporters. Garbage in, garbage out.


  9. Maybe he works at Worldnetdaily.
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