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  3. Awww. Pabst felt insecure for getting called out on his parochial views.

    Pabst needs a white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant in office to feel secure in his world views.

    People who have different backgrounds will still watch your back and have your better interests in mind, even if you can't reciprocate.

    Poor Pabst. It will be okay, buddy.

    Not everyone is like you. We Jews, Catholics, Blacks, Latinos, and other non-WASPS will treat you with respect and dignity. We are all G_d's children.
  4. The sad and pathetic racists are getting more desperate and pathetic every day Obama gets closer to the presidency :D :D :D
  5. Pabst,
    you are a great patriot and know how to serve universally absolute truth very well.
    We will bestow upon you the great honour of Medal of Absolute Truth and Patriotism.
    The Supreme Being, great architect and creator of universally absolute truth is eternally grateful for your truthful work.

    Everyone: "Don't worry, be happy."

    A 101 message from the Ministry of Love, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Truth.

  6. How did you know I hare rodents.......:cool:
  7. EPrado


    Pabst my good man you have officially lost it.

    I am gonna find a good Mental Hospital for you down here.

    Would you prefer a room with a view of the ocean or towards western Florida?

    Why do I get the feeling you will not be meeting me at Gulfstream in January after Obama becomes president. I promise I wont rub in the gigantic McCain loss.
  8. ak15


    He is merely laying the groundwork here for McCain's last Hail Mary pass which was initiated today through the indefatigable Sarah Palin approximately 4 weeks prior to the day of reckoning. Not that any of it is of significance as far as the end result is concerned.
  9. Friggin' Cubs. A 100 years...that's whats truly insane.
  10. ammo


    Pabst,stop being a pawn,go to quicksilverscreen, click on documentaries,click A-Z,click on O,find oil,smoke and mirrors and see what your beloved political machine is up to,then shut the fuck up
    #10     Oct 5, 2008