Obama poll to help people in the Gulf of Mexico

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Financial Saint, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, how about starting a poll on a weekly basis based on the number of Obama TV appearances during the week. Open to any suggestions in regards to the rules and adding other variables like duration of the speech and weather the market is going to go up or down after the completion of the speech. If we can find some companies or institutions to donate some money, half of the money would go towards the winner and the other half would be donated to the victims in the Gulf of Mexico. (No offense to the president he did a great thing by making health care available for all people, it will take some time to make health care better)
  2. 1) Something like "that" may already be listed at tradesports.com :)
    2) There may also be a "bet" over there that Obama doesn't complete his term in office. :eek:
  3. Doesnt complete his term in office?..... theres a 1% chance of that happening. Much bigger chance that he wont get re elected though, god willing :)
  4. 1) 1%, right now. :cool:
    2) Maybe there is a "God"? :confused: :eek: