Obama Policies Rock The Poor With Food Inflation

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    Please explain the 2008 food crisis in terms of Obama's regulations.
  3. You can't blame Obama for anything. He's black.
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    Quote from Ricter:

    Please explain the 2008 food crisis in terms of Obama's regulations.

    Just the tip of the iceberg:

    President Obama and his nasty regulators have set new fuel standards for large trucks. No doubt this will drive up the cost of the food we put on our tables, because that food has to get from point A to point B. Does anyone out there think this won’t drive up the price of our food, and everything else we buy?
    Hellloooo? McFly?


    .....Of the 43 regulations mentioned, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enacted 10 of those. The total costs (to business and consumers) of just these ten equaled over $23 billion of the estimated $26 billion mentioned.

    Mandated quotas for renewable fuels. Annual cost: $7.8 billion (for 15 years). Utilizing farmland to grow corn and other crops used in renewable fuels will displace food crops, leading food costs to increase by $10 per person per year—or $40 for a family of four, according to the EPA

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    Sorry, the OP article is anecdotal at best. About the only thing you can say in regards to commodity inflation being Obama's fault is that he put the same jackasses in place that were the architects of years of mismanaged fiscal and monetary policy. Putting Ben Bernanke back at the helm was the single most responsible act you can lay at Obama's feet in regards to price inflation.

    Ben did the rest.
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    When the band-wagon is going in the same direction that you are walking, it behooves you to jump on! :D