Obama Playing the Race Card. ...again.

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  1. Are we going to have to hear this race card crap for FOUR YEARS if he wins???? Here he goes, playing it again. It has nothing to do with the quality of his character but the color of his skin according to him. The anti-MartinLutherKing.

    Ya know something Obama, maybe some people have objections to you. Get over it. That's politics. Are you going to try to play the race card in negotiations with China, Russia, and Iran??? They're going to laugh their *** off. ...and not just at YOU but our entire country for electing you.

    Get ready for the collapse of the Obama hype balloon folks.


    Obama Decries Racial RhetoricMar 15 04:04 PM US/Eastern
    Associated Press Writer

  2. Here is the article:

    PLAINFIELD, Ind. (AP) - Sen. Barack Obama on Saturday decried "the forces of division" over race that he said are intruding into the Democratic presidential nomination contest.
    "We have to come together," he told a town-hall meeting at a high school.

    Obama cited inflammatory remarks made by his pastor that are now being used as political ammunition against him—remarks that Obama has denounced.

    "If all I knew were those statements I saw on television, I would be shocked," Obama said.

    Obama suggested that more and more is being made of racial divisions as his contest with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton heats up.

    "The forces of division have begun to raise their ugly head again," Obama said.

    "It reminds me: We've got a tragic history when it comes to race in this country. A lot of pent-up anger and mistrust and bitterness. This country wants to move beyond these kinds of things."

    The Illinois senator's comments came a day after he denounced statements appearing on television and on the Internet by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor of the Chicago church Obama joined nearly 20 years ago.

    Obama said that pointing out racial differences only makes it harder to "deliver on the big issues we face in this country," which he said include health care, the slumping economy, terrorism and caring better for veterans.

    Obama, whose mother's family was from Kansas and his father from Kenya, said he was speaking "as someone who has little pieces of America in me."

    He said schools should do a better job of teaching all students African-American history "because that's part of American history," as well as women's struggle for equality, the history of unions, the role of Hispanics in U.S. and other matters that he suggested aren't given enough attention.

    "I want us to have a broad-based history" taught in schools, he said, even including more on "the Holocaust as well as other issues of oppression" around the world.
    It is the minister Obama should telling this to. It is the minister who is raising the ugly head of division.
    Here Obama was cruising along with decent white support and now he says his minister is a victim of racism. HAHA

  4. For the democrats sake, Hillary better win. Obama's emotional 15 minutes of fame is at 14 minutes 55 seconds.

  5. 5...4...3...2...
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    For god sakes man, READ the article that you cited. Any halfway intelligent person would read it and conclude that Obama is trying to put racial division BEHIND us.

    If you want to affirm your interest in racism, perhaps you should be citing "Dr." David Duke articles.
  7. You are are a spin victim
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    "I don't think my church is particularly controvercial." - Barack Obama Mar. /08
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    The United Church of Christ? Yeah...about as controversial as the Rotary Club.
  10. You are just a victim
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