Obama playing nice guy for now.

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  1. obama will win

    even worse economic conditions

    high taxes and gas prices like Europe

    ever more power for the FBI and police

    your money will flow into the ghettos

    more drug addicts across the country

    how much more change do you want.
  2. Wow.

    What a well thought-thought out, logical post.
  3. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies.

    Rivers and seas boiling.

    Forty years of darkness.

    Earthquakes, volcanoes…

    The dead rising from the grave.

    Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria.
  4. As well as free moonshine for everyone! Free trailers and NASCAR posters.
  5. Fire burn!

  6. thanks, that might be what he envisions when he talks about change
  7. @bylowsellhi

    that looks just like him after smoking pot
  8. well it's not that good but not as bad and unrealistic as you make it sound like it is
  9. Well you know what I think you're right; and you must be a history major! Because the last time we had a Democratic President the Nation and it's economy was in it's best economic condition in decades! Bush-league has totally devastated all that progress gained under Clinton!

    In fact we need another republican right-winger like Bush so we can completely repeal the Bill of Rights altogether! When that happens ignorant sheep like you will whine and cry like babies when you are stripped searched with k-y jelly and tortured in your backyard because a neighbor said you were beating your dog
  10. that's pretty true about republicans but that doesn't automatically make my statements about what obama intends to do wrong

    obama will only make things worse, just wait and see
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