Obama Plagiarizes Speech

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    Thanks, I hadn't heard of Deval Patrick before. Seems like a good guy, glad to learn he won the election and is Governor of Massachusetts. I bet this speech helped.
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  4. Camp Hilary doesn't miss a thing
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    Obama says borrowed lines not a big deal

    By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer
    NILES, Ohio -- February 18, 2008

    Sen. Barack Obama said Monday that he probably should have given his friend — the governor of Massachusetts — credit for using his lines over the weekend.

    Howard Wolfson, a spokesman for Hillary Rodham Clinton accused Obama of plagiarizing Gov. Deval Patrick. Wolfson said that raises questions about the premise of Obama's candidacy — his rhetorical skills.

    Obama, D-Ill., says that's going too far. He says he really doesn't think it's a big deal to use Patrick's words because they share ideas all the time.

    Patrick said during his campaign a year and a half ago that words matter, like "I have a dream" and "all men are created equal."

    Obama used the same lines Saturday night in Wisconsin. Obama said that Patrick suggested he use the lines to respond to Clinton's suggestion that he is more of a talker than a doer.
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    Deval Patrick is an advisor to Barack Obama, and a member of his campaign team. Patrick himself suggested the use of these words to Obama.

    What part of that are you not understanding??

  7. BArak hussien obamA said initially that he shouldn't have done it. Now he says this. Who do You thinK you are kIddIng?

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    Interesting typing skills. Are you typing with a hand over one eye?
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