Obama picks Biden for veep

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    I believe Biden will cost Obama the election. Nasty baggage with that guy.

  3. Obama overplayed his weakness and picked a loud-mouthed insider.

    if you read the liberal blogs and comments , many people are not happy.

    Obama's may actually see a drop in the polls
  4. Yes,

    Joe Biden is a terrible pick. He should have picked someone with much less baggage, and less hawkish ...

    Seemingly voters will have to choose for the "lesser evil", with Obama's "change message" now being questionable for many potential voters. He would do better staying as a distinct alternative.

    Too bad about Obama's chances now.
  5. Terrible pick. Long time Washington party hack, no significant accomplishments, history of verbal diarhhea, not from an important swing state, pompous and unlikeable guy who has never connected with a national audience.

    Hard to believe he could have done worse. Even nutcase Sen. Jim Webb would have been far better. OK, John Edwards would have been a worse choice, but he's about the only one I can imagine.
  6. Joe is a straight shooter. he'll be a great VP!
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    Plagiarism x 2.
  8. I like Sen. Biden, but he's no where near crazy enough to appease the radical left. Sadly, Obama had a thin field to choose from. Hillary? Please! Edwards? Laughable, even without his recent bullshit. Bayh? Far to sensible for the radical left. The rest of the no-names hadn't a chance.
    Bottom line is, the Biden pick is a wash and does not offset the fact that the U.S. of white America ain't ready for a negro in the White House, unless it's the kitchen help. Even an experienced negro without all the leftist baggage would be hard pressed. Obama and his racist wife just bring too much of a downside to sensible Dems like myself. I'll sit this one out.
  9. Great choice.

    The Obama vetting team is exeptionally savvy.

    Biden will ease any misgivings catholic, working-class whites have about particular (very specific) issues with Obama.

    McCain will almost certainly pick Mitt Romney, now. This puts McCain in a terrible position, as he really does need the evangelical vote, and Romney is too liberal.
  10. No one need look any further than this post for confirmation that Obama will never in a million years be elected President of the United States.
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