Obama paying news centers?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bauclair, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Bauclair


    This is a honest question which may indeed be a dumb one.

    why is it that ALL news centers that i have seen at least never rain on Obama's parade. All they do is talk him up even when he does the most ignorant things sometime?

    Does he found them or something?

    I mean he took Air Force one and Flew it right into new York city so he could get a good picture of it....OMFG yet the only people that bashed him on it was i believe like jay Leno, something just seems really fishy for me.

    Would love some feedback because like i said this is a true question, not just trying to piss people off or seem completed uneducated.

    p.s i swear his obamanation is the new Hitler...:eek:
  2. All of the Main Stream Media (MSM) have a very far-left slant. No matter what gaff or stupid thing Obama does, they simply censor and don't report it.

    If you're at all interested in the truth, see Fox News. (The Left all rag on Fox, but they all full of shit.. pathological liars, actually.)
  3. unless he starts building his army don't worry about it. if he starts doing that then you might be right.
  4. BigSalad


    Fox News is, in fact, completely full of shit. And anyone claiming anything else is either a total ignorant dumbass or a brainwashed slave to the far right.

    Also, complain all you want about the rest of media being leftist, the fact remains: Fox News is the most popular TV network in the US, and it is worse that the biggest network is beyond bias - the rest of the networks are in fact center.
  5. clacy


    85+% of journalists vote Democratic........you do the math. I will be the first to admit that Fox News leans right, if you admit that CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, NYT (and virtually ALL other major newspapers) lean left.
  6. BSAM



    Is FOX still considered a news source by anyone other than old white men; aka the (current) Republican Party?
  7. Bauclair


    Thank you for your fast responses. i understood that news networks had political views but i guess i never could comprehend the severity of this.

    I still feel like there is something under this blanket of shit that is important for public knowledge. Something like the one guy owns all of the news affiliates and this same guy is best friends with obama or something.

    who knows :confused: i just feel like there is some other than political bias working forces here but maybe not.
  8. More people watch the cartoon channel then CNN.


    www.mediabistro.com - Not only did the Cartoon Network beat the two most trusted names in politics,it beat them combined. Fox comes in number 2 behind the USA network and cnn and msnbc are at 32 and 26. They also lose their primetime viewers to the HGTV net and the food net. More people are watching lawns being mowed and bread raising in bakeries then tuning in to cnn and msnbc.

  9. BSAM


    So, John, are you trying to say that FOX has good numbers, or are you trying to say that FOX is not biased to the right, or what?
  10. bkveen3


    Your claim was that only old white men watched fox. In his counter he gave evidence that your claim is false. I'm not sure he is saying anything other than that. All news agencies are bias. They play to different audiences. Its a shame that the different factions only see the flaws in their "oppositions" claims/agendas.
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