Obama pal bombed the pentagon

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  1. I didn't think a U.S. presidential candidate would have a best friend who would try to out-Al-Queda Al Queda.

    How can he put his hand on the bible and swear to protect the U.S. against all enemies foreign and domestic?

  2. wsj belongs to rupert murdock
  3. Paul Joseph Goebbels, is that you?
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    You are gonna get 8 years of Obama, like it or not. Stock up on vaseline and enjoy the ride, boyo.
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    I dunno, I think whoever wins is a one termer.
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    Yeah, but it's gonna feel like 8 years. Or 108, anyway.

    The voting public thinks handouts and big government is outstanding. Free Money! woo hoo! Order the top shelf booze, cuz somebody else is picking up the tab.

    We get the government we deserve. There's no free lunch, nor free money. The folks who founded this country understood this basic premise, but it's been lost to the current generation. Free Money! Woo Hoo! Maybe the feds will send out a ten grand stimulass check (so called because we'll be taking it up the butt when the bill gets here)! Maybe 100 grand! Maybe a million!!!! We can all be millionaires! Woo Hoo! We can vote ourselves rich.

    To paraphrase Yosemite Sam:

    "Peoples is soooo stupid."
  7. Yes. That automatically means that this terrorist had no involvement in the Pentagon bombing.

  8. Considering obama is the only candidate with a plan to actually pay down our debt, I suppose you will be voting for him right?
  9. I agree.
  10. I don't understand your objection. Surely Obama is proud of his work on an educational charity. He probably has a good explanation for why a former terrorist got him the job as head of a foundation when he had no experience or background other than radical politics(actually that sounds disturbingly similar to now) and why the foundation's focus on using schools to indoctrinate children with far left ideology was a good idea.

    I look forward to the mainstream media going after this link with the same fervor they have pursued Sarah Palin's life in alaska. I would think most voters would view it as highly relevant that the potential president of the United States has a decades long relationship with one of the most notorious domestic terrorists alive. And that his ideas for educational reform were straight from Karl Marx.
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