obama..osama next president

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  1. mr.obama.? will he make a good president.does he have any new ideas.?or is it just the same old garbage dressed up
  2. All show, no substance. Beyond that, he's too black for rural America and not black enough to please the inner city crazies. No chance!
  3. I consider myself pretty in the know about politics. And yet I have no idea what his stance is on anything. What he is about or why he wants to be the next President. If this man has something different to offer he sure hasn't show it to us.

  4. He doesn't need to take a stance, he's black...and that's good enough for the Dem's.

    The less he says, the better.
  5. Cesko


    I guarantee you he doesn't have anything different to offer. I wonder how old are you not to know it.
  6. I think he has been watching the TV show "24" too seriously...
  7. At least he's not a pedophile like Foley or a pro-family Rudy Guiliani, Newt Gingrich type who presents his wife with court documents on her death bed LOL:D
  8. i dont know anything about his politics.i live in the uk,we are about to get a new prime minister who is an expert at stealth taxes
    does obama want the us out of iraq.?what is his stance on iran,greenhouse gases.?
  9. He offers hope that things might change, instead of the same old crap coming from DC as usual.
    Maybe pulling troops from Iraq is not explicit enough for you?

    The country is as divided as it can be, because of the attitude of the current administration. Letting 9/11 happen with ample warnings that it would, that horrible crime still not solved and still the culprits not caught. Instead plunging the country in a big war for unknown or fabricated reasons, persisting in staying regardless of numerous advice in the other directions. Ignoring environmental warnings and now facing the consequences. Letting religious zealots determine the agenda. Pushing laws clearly contradicting the spirit of the constitution. Hardly any tax-changes, except some to benefit the very rich. Destroying a century of international diplomacy, although even the natural enemies showed sympathy after 9/11.

    In short, doing everything that's bad for the country and which the majority of the population rejects. It's a despicable show and it will end.

    After this bad movie has ended someone will have to unite the people. This will be very hard, as evidenced by some of the posts right here. But is has to be done, or it will be over-and-out for the US within 20 years. The rest of the world has lost much of it's respect for the US, I'm sad to say. If you don't do something and repair the damage done it will be ignored completely.
    A man like Obama could really change worldwide perception. He might be exactly the right person at the right time, regardless of what specific issues are on his agenda.

  10. Young enough to have ideals. But old enough to realize most are pipe dreams. :)
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