Obama, one word

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  1. Economy.

    Don't talk about anything else, nothing else matters.

    Of course, if we surprisingly have a terrorist event...
  2. Shutup!
  3. ROTFLMAO....


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    Great!, Awesome!, Incredible!

    An historic speech by McCain.
    From his story as a Vietnam prisoner of war, to the Stand up and fight! part.

    Loved when he said:
    No success comes without a good fight.
    If you want to change this country, become a teacher, enroll the armed foreces, etc.

    A stark comparison to those Hussein (Obama) freeloaders who want the government to solve their needs, without requiring them to work.

    Very nice people attended, great decoration, seeing the American flag wave in the huge screen is certainly motivating.

  4. Obama. One word? Loser. Other good choices: gay, effeminate, radical, marxist, unqualified.

    Do I win a prize?
  5. You are disqualified - you actually believe McCain is any better
  6. Now wait a minute, I never said that. I am impressed with McCain's taste in women. Otherwise, he is about the last person I would want to see as president. Unfortunately, Obama is even worse.
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  8. If Obama was republican, and McCain was democrat, you would pick Obama...

    More BS from the ultimate partisan faux ideologue...

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    Well, if he were advocating decent Republican policies of low taxes, respect for human life and more personal responsibility; if he were as patriotic as the average Republican, willing to get a bloody nose to defend his country...

    and, primarily, if he had shown even a modicum of decency by walking out of that vile, racist, anti-American "church" before some of the more courageous media dragged him out kicking and screaming after 20 years of enthusiastic participation - and if he had steered clear of his other friends like Ayers, Rezco and Farrakhan...

    yes, if that were the case, I would consider him for office after a few years doing something important like passing good laws instead of spending his time writing books and promoting his candidacy... :)
  10. What is wrong with you people? Obama's rhetoric of "change" is a load of crap. His VP pick is a Washington insider, he's long been in the pocket of the Chicago Machine, and he has very little experience. I'm not going to vote for him because he's a Dem, like I won't vote for McCain because he's a Republican. I'm not voting for Obama because he's full of crap! Haven't you people seen South Park - which is better, a douche or a turd sandwich? That's why I'm not voting.

    FYI - about five years ago, I was in a master's program at NIU. William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn came to speak, and it was if it was the second coming. Their past has been forgotten. Period. That's why no one has made a big deal out of it. It's not about their politics - their radicalism is "exciting."
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