Obama one term like carter?

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Is Obama a one termer?

  1. YES

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  2. NO

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  3. NO (Only because Palin gets nominated)

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  1. I suspect Obama will be a one term deal.
  2. 2 term

    Romney is the only one with a shot to beat him in a general election,but the GOP wont give him the nomination
  3. Why not? I Like Romney also.
  4. cstfx


    Unless someone comes out of right field and grabs the nomination and the public's attention, he'll probably get re-elected. But stranger things have happened: Hillary was the appointed one at this time in the last election cycle and Obama was nothing more than a Scott Brown*.

    * State senator runs for US Senate, gets elected and then runs for President. It can happen (again).
  5. I love Romney

    As to why not,Obamacare is a copy of Romneycare,he's a Mormon,he was once pro choice,he was once anti gun.

    Democrats and independents don't care about any of that, religious nuts and gun nuts do.The republicans has spent 2 years demonizing Obamacare,but it is a copy of Romneycare
  6. Theres video of Romney taking in tongues somewhere. If anyone finds it post it here ...and everywhere. Thats what we need,
    a shaman.
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  8. Magic underoos. Whack job evangelicals won't nominate someone who wears Magic underoos.

    Ted Haggart... soft butt and meth pipe lover...no problem

    Jimmy Swaggert..."I have sinned against you." no problem

    Pat Robertson...."I leg press 800lbs" no problem

    Magic Underoos....Big problem. With them.

  9. What's wrong with guns, libtard? Ever hear of the Second Amendment? Or don't you believe in the Constitution?
  10. I am all for gun rights.I dont believe in any gun restrictions,but my point is Romney once was and is still for gun restrictions

    Gun rights rank very low in deciding who I vote for unless its a total gun ban guy like Giuliani so I still support Romney.Many republicans wont support a guy who is for gun restrictions like Romney
    #10     Aug 11, 2010