Obama once again giving free lunch to losers

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    The White House released this photo of President Obama and Mitt Romney in the Oval Office Thursday after their lunch.

    Typical of Obama :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    White House released what Obama told Romney during the photo op.

    "..and just for the record...this will NEVER be your office."

    Very MEAN :eek: :( :mad:
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  5. There was a pic of Romney buying a comfort burger at McDonalds.

    if only he was so down to earth in his campaign.:(.

  6. LMAO

    that is funny...!

    So many republicans are losers.... not because they lost the election but because they have no compassion or understanding of anything other than their wallet and taxes.

    Sad losers
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    "Mitt, get a good look at this room now because you will never ever see it again"
  8. Finally....:D

    Obama is wearing a pair of pants that are the correct length.

  9. What I find even more interesting, perhaps even funny, is how those with smaller wallets, and who benefit from the 98% of the tax benefits, still want to align themselves with those who actually make the real money. Is it fantasize that they are in the same league as those who are in the top 2%? What is it? As they get played by the real rich people, the media and all that.

    Everyone is welcome to their opinions, I guess.
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    After the lunch, Obama even gave Romney a lift back to his place

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