Obama needs to be a dad, not a friend...

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  1. I'm all for a hip young president. I'm all for him filling our his brackets, and using blackberries. I'm all for one who is with pop culture.

    But Jay Leno? Come on bro. Jay Leno Show? What's next, Conan O'brien?

    It's cool to have a fresh perspective and president... but how fresh is it? And how cool is it?

    During this economic 9/11 as some have called it, we have a president trying to tackle too much, trying to be too hip, and it's getting a bit scary. Yes, the economic mess is out of his hands and soon people will realize the Gov't can't help us out of this mess... but still, we need a father figure for this country.

    Mitt Romney is a dad figure. Not to say that he would do better than Obama, but he's one who seems more about business, and less about fun.

    As such, in this environment, no matter how uncool it might be to say, I would rather have a president be more like my dad, than a friend.

    Rant over.
  2. Maybe the young folks wouldn't be so supportive for someone who's supposed to dish out discipline like dad..
  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Romney would be President today if not for the right wing kook job evangelicals who could not get over the thought of his magic underpants.

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    Yep. My wish didn't come true. Fuck off the GOP who pushed McCain ahead instead of him.

  5. Magic underpants??
  6. Yes...magic underroos. They can save you from fire dontcha know.

  7. i watched the show. it was well done with mostly serious questions and answers. nothing new newswise but it was not done in a disrespectful way like going on a saturday night live program would be.
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    It's a combination of his perpetual campaign (it's all he knows how to do) and a diversion for the sheeple from the cold harsh realities.
  9. While being a Mormon didn't help him he had far bigger problems. I'm a pretty good proxy for non-religious right Republicans and I'd analyze the selection process like this:

    1. Romney's hawkishness coupled with none of his 5 sons serving in the military hurt. McCain was as immune from the "chickenhawk" charge as one could get.

    2. Romney didn't distinguish himself in the debates.

    3. He exited from the race perhaps too quick. Me thinks Bain took a big hit on the market turn and Romney's self-finance bravado was impacted.

    4. His record as Mass gov was flip-floppy.

    5. In a year that the center was pre-disposed to the Left, McCain was a safer bet to capture votes in the middle.

    Bottom line: If not for McCain's generally bad debate performances, his ineptitude the week of the Stimulus Bill and Palin's gaffes in the Couric interview, the GOP still could have won.

    I like Romney but I really don't think he would have made a difference.

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    I agree on most of them except on this point. With both business and governor experiences, I think he would handle the current crisis much more comfortable. Thing could be different such as instead of taking the advice from the experts (Bernanke, Paulson and Geithner) as Bush and Obama were doing; he might be able to give them some advice to handle the issue. There is nothing wrong with Obama, he's just new in this domain, but I'm sure this situation won't make Romney panicked.

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