Obama needs 24 - 48 hrs for USA economy

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    If I remember correctly Barack Obama said at USA President Inauguration " He needs 24 hours to 48 hours to decide on policies to help recover USA economy"

    What was Barack Obama doing for the past 3 months?. Was Obama watching pornography and masturbating for the past 3 months or was Obama fucking prostitutes?.

    At USA President Inauguration, instead of saying "USA is a nation of Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus and non-believers" Obama should have immediately declared the rescue plan to help USA economy.

    I think now Obama is having a "Inauguration Ball" when the whole USA economy is falling apart.

    USA Army/Military should over-throw the government and gain 100% control over USA administration. Barack Obama & his team is too weak, incompetent and useless.
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    Give the guy a chance imho

    He has only been in the job a few hours
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    Anyone else think that it's time to call time on all this 'history' talk and 'first African American President' etc etc.

    We've had 2-3 months of non stop drivel. So can we draw a line in the sand and stop all the nonsense and get down to business.

    I don't care ANYTHING about what Obama eats, how he looks, whether his wife looks better in the pink/green/yellow dress etc.

  4. Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama's economic team is pushing to complete a bank-rescue plan that can be twinned with the $825 billion stimulus package being negotiated with Congress to alleviate the rapidly deepening financial crisis.

    While full details of the rescue haven't been settled yet, people familiar with the deliberations said the package is likely to include a $50 billion-plus program to stem foreclosures, fresh injections of capital into the banks and steps to deal with toxic assets clogging lenders' balance sheets.

    Officials “feel like they need to move quickly to provide some sense of calmness and assurance to the market that the government isn't going to let this problem get out of hand,” said John Douglas, a partner at the Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker law firm and a former general counsel at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

    In his inaugural address yesterday, Obama called for “bold and swift” action to resolve the crisis that's cost the economy almost 2.6 million jobs last year, the most since 1945. Bank stocks sank yesterday, driving the Dow Jones Industrial Average to its worst-ever inauguration-day decline.

    The president meets with his economic advisers today. One option that may be gaining ground: coupling the establishment of a so-called bad bank to buy some toxic assets with government guarantees to limit losses on those that remain on banks' balance sheets.
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    If I read correctly on BBC, it was something like this "Obama having a "Inauguration Ball".
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    Posted in other forum-:

    Obama - No 'change' after all

    If you thought Obama was going to bring 'change' - think again:

    No 'change' for those clinging to their jobs:

    'As for the deepest financial crisis in the history of American capitalism, no one at the top bears any particular responsibility, at least in Obama's estimation. "Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age," he declared at the beginning of the speech.

    This formulation holds tens of millions of workers facing the loss of their jobs and homes through no fault of their own equally responsible for the present crisis as Wall Street executives and hedge fund managers whose financial parasitism and criminality helped drag their own institutions and the world economy into ruin.'

    No 'change' either for America's poor:

    'Now Obama is telling working people that they must take "responsibility" for the crisis that is destroying their livelihoods by accepting deeper attacks on jobs, wages and social benefits, even as trillions of dollars in public funds are used to bail out Wall Street while its CEOs continue to draw down their seven- and eight-figure compensation packages.'

    'Again, there was no specificity about what programs will be terminated, but in the past week he has indicated his intention to radically cut back bedrock social programs, including Social Security and Medicare, as a means of attacking the government's fiscal crisis.'

    And if you thought Obama was going to bring all the war-mongering to an end:

    'In the first substantive line of the speech, Obama declared, "Our nation is at war against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred." The implication was unmistakable: The "global war on terror," the pretext used by the Bush administration for launching two wars of aggression, carrying out torture, extraordinary rendition, unlawful detentions and domestic spying, continues unabated.'

    'He issued a rhetorical challenge to "those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents," vowing, "We will defeat you." Coming in the wake of Israel's three-week onslaught against Gaza in which thousands of Palestinian innocents were killed or maimed with US supplied weapons and the tacit support of a silent Obama, these words reeked of hypocrisy.'

    So no 'change' will come, after all.

  7. AK100



    Tony Blair used to use the words 'bold' and 'radical' and the phrase 'blue sky thinking' for about 8 years.

    Of course nothing bold, radical or blue sky ever happened.

    Blair was found out to be backed by nothing more than words and and gimmicky marketing slogans.

    Hope your boy Obama is not going down the same route.......
  8. clacy


    Sure he will, he's a politician. Of course, 80% of those that voted for Obama can't tell you what the 3 branches of government in the US are, let alone have a worth while opinion on what Barack should do.

    If they get their handout, they'll be happy regardless of what that means to the future.
  9. I'm willing to give the guy a chance. What choice do I have?

    But I have low expectations and think Obama is, to quote a line from the Untouchables, "Just a lot of talk and a badge."

    I don't think Obama is qualified to be the CEO of Citibank, let alone America.
  10. talknet


    What has Barack Obama & his team been doing for the past 3 months.

    George Bush & his team have been working hard day & night to rescue USA from financial crisis.

    Barack Obama should definately had a rescue plan ready and declared it immediately during USA President Inauguration instead of giving a "useless & worthless speech"

    Instead Barack Obama & his team are having a party now.

    USA is Doomed because Obama & his team are "party animals"
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