Obama MUST get at least 40% of the white vote.

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  1. Could Obama's struggles with white voters cost him the election?
    By Halimah Abdullah, CNN
    updated 1:52 PM EDT, Thu October 25, 2012

    Washington (CNN) -- The nation's first black president could be in danger of becoming a "one-termer" if he can't convince enough white voters that he deserves another four years in the Oval Office.

    For weeks, he's hovered around 40% of white voter support - a level that Democratic presidential candidates have struggled with in the recent past and one that analysts believe Barack Obama must maintain in order to win. At the same time, he has to encourage minority voters to go to the polls and capture 80% of their support.

    With 59% support among whites, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is hitting record numbers among that group. He is approaching a margin of support last seen by Republican Ronald Reagan in his 1984 re-election.


    Can he do it?
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    He's gonna be be voted out, no question.

    And our first black president has set back race relations so badly, I don't see ANY recovery for the next hundred years.

    When Otraitor is voted out, blacks will have more hatred in their hearts than we can imagine. Sad...
  4. I cant wait to see your response when he isnt :)
  5. One word:Benghazi