Obama Moves to Reform Wall St and Protect Consumers

Discussion in 'Politics' started by futurecurrents, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Ordered 65 executives who took bailout money to cut their own pay until they paid back all bailout money. http://huff.to/eAi9Qq

    He pushed through and got passed Dodd-Frank, one of the largest and most comprehensive Wall Street reforms since the Great Depression. http://bit.ly/hWCPg0 http://bit.ly/geHpcD

    Dodd-Frank also included the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau http://1.usa.gov/j5onG

    He made it so that banks could no longer use YOUR money to invest in high-risk financial instruments that work against their own customers' interests. http://bit.ly/fnTayj

    He supported the concept of allowing stockholders to vote on executive compensation. http://bit.ly/fnTayj

    He wholly endorsed and supported the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of 2009 that would close offshore tax avoidance loopholes. http://bit.ly/esOdfB http://bit.ly/eG4DPM

    He made a deal with Swiss banks that permits the US government to gain access to the records of criminals and tax evaders. http://bit.ly/htfDgw

    He established a Consumer Protection Financial Bureau designed to protect consumers from financial sector excesses. http://bit.ly/fnTayj

    He oversaw and then signed the most sweeping food safety legislation since the Great Depression. http://thedc.com/gxkCtP
  2. Rest easy, FC, Mittens is a dead duck.
  3. A lot of Republicans will be pissed off with this law, with their numbered off-shore Trust Accounts and everything.
    Bring that money home.:).
  4. Yeah I know. I just like putting these up to counter the barrage of vacuous anti-Obama spam and to annoy the righty wackos here.
  5. I feel safer already. Not! There's regulation, and then there's actual enforcement. There's the tax rate, and then there's what is actually paid, if at all. The boardroom boyz will do OK regardless of who is in the whitehouse. The rhetoric is hot and heavy. Reality is quite another thing.
  6. Yeah, a big problem is the regulators play golf with their old buddies in the areas they're supposed to regulate.