Obama MIA

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  1. Awww! He be's tired. I imagine it is exhausting keeping up that perfect image, especially when he knows deep down he hasn't a clue what to do. This is obvious as he just keeps turning everything over to the party hacks. To call him an empty just is an insult to suits everywhere.

    By JULIE PACE, Associated Press Writer Julie Pace, Associated Press Writer – 9 mins ago
    WASHINGTON – After a sleepless, overnight flight to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize earlier this month, President Barack Obama made a not altogether surprising admission. He was tired.
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  2. Interesting. Obama's critics attack him because he took 72 hours before publicly commenting on the Christmas terrorist attempt. Meanwhile, where were these same people when it took Bush 6 days to comment on the Shoe Bomber, Richard Reid?


    However, in these critics' defense, as Jon Stewart pointed out yesterday, 6 is less than 72.
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  3. However, in these critics' defense, as Jon Stewart pointed out yesterday, 6 is less than 72.


    8 years later, what an improvement. [sarcasm]
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  4. You are correct. It is not much of an improvement. However, that was not the point of my post.
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  5. Lucrum


    Hmmmmm...not really (that interesting).
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  6. As I'm sure is the case with most facts that don't conform with your views.
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  7. Obama more than likely has a hard time sobering up. Probably on a Bender since Hawaii.
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  8. Try not to choke on any pretzels.
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    As usual, you presume too much.

    You know you remind me of that Canadian Thunderdog. Any relation?
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  10. You might say we have a nodding acquaintance. Unlike you and much of reality, which imperiously imposes itself on you.
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