Obama & MeChelle's $4 Million Vacation

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Dec 18, 2011.

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    Hope and Change sure have turned out to be expensive.
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    Astonishing how Obama can gripe about rich people and then take vacations that only the rich can afford except that in his case it is our tax money that is being blown.
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    Isn't though.

    Although I must point out this is typical behavior of limousine liberals.
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    I can't imagine how much he is going to spend next year on Christmas vacation since it will be his last on the taxpayer dime.
  6. http://www.hawaiireporter.com/with-...-of-obama’s-annual-hawaiian-holiday-rises/123

    "The President and his family are traveling separately to Hawaii because he wants resolve the payroll tax cut issue before leaving Washington"

    So The President is cutting short his vacation to work on a major issue for the country :confused: :confused: :confused:

    I bet the ET rights would be bitching non stop if he had went on vacation with such an important issue unresolved
  7. Replace next year with in 2016
  8. Not as expensive as Bush who doubled the national debt and turned a budget surplus into a trillion dollar deficit :)
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    It was only ever about the trappings for Obama and his family. He was never interested in the job though he evidently considers himself to be one of history's best presidents.

    Worst President ever. Most insensitive First Lady ever. It is undeniable.

    The very idea that Obama is working hard for the country is hilarious. The man never stopped campaigning and accomplished *nothing*. Everyone can see that.
  10. Now come on, don't expect the name calling children to actually think, look at facts that they cannot even decipher, or engage in any type intellectual conversation.

    Just call names like odumbo or whatever, then get back in line for their free 4th grade school lunch. Doing their best to cut and paste from rush, beck or some other provider of wisdom. I guess we'll have another 4 years unless RP or someone of common sense can take over the GOP.

    And, to talk about the President's time off or costs involved, how uninformed. These types of expenditures have been proven time and again via snopes and other sources. And when compared to Bush, we have a President who can speak in complete sentences, and actually spends time at the white house vs. his ranch. Go ahead, compare notes kids. I'm sorry, that's probably asking too much. I know that I do research for a living, but even the basic google stuff should help them, but I doubt it.

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