Obama/McCain Public Financing..

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  1. Isn't it admirable that Obama DID NOT take public financing?
    I mean, the tax payers didn't have to pay, right?
    And what the hell is McCain moaning about?

    I guess I just don't get it...

    Can someone explain?
  2. Umm, where the hell do you think Obama's money came from? Someone other than the US taxpayer?

    It makes the playing field level, in other words the richest man doesn't have an advantage. In this case, Obama lied and is basically buying the presidency.


    Instead of getting just $1.50/person Obama is getting up to tens of thousands. Even him conning people to give him $20 is despicable.
  3. fhl


    It may tell you something about the value of Obama's word.

    btw, taxpayers don't have to pay unless they voluntarily decide to give a dollar.
  4. So, you can get money from either public (taxpayer) or private (donation) but not both...?

    Wouldn't it make more sense for it to be private with maximum donation amounts?

    I don't get it...
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    If the Repubs could get donations like Obama, you wouldn't hear a peep out of them. Because they can't compete in that arena (voluntary contributions), they cry like babies who need diaper changes.
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    and all the money he spent goes directly into the us economy.

    the more the better.

    mccain does not understand this - obviously.
  7. Obama is running a bloated bureaucratic campaign. Just like a typical government program. Obama is spending 600 million and has about the same results as McCain who is spending only 100 million.

    Who is more efficient?
  8. Which is it? Is he buying the Presidency or is he unable to buy it even thought he's outspending McCain 6-1?

    The most entertaining part of this has not been listening to the far-right whack-jobs around here stridently proclaiming that McCain is in the lead (flytiger, you out there?). It has been listening to them contradict themselves in a desperate attempt to spin the truth into something that will either seem like it gives McCain some hope, or make an excuse for his loss.

    The beginning of the end of the Republican run was the day they announced Sarah Palin as JM's running mate. McCain is a war hero and a flawed but honourable man. He deserved better. Like it or not, it's all about how these people 'read' on TV, and McCain needed help in that area, not a disaster like Palin. That decision may have been the biggets gaffe in a Presidential election in modern memory, and my God, what a time for it.
  9. Obama is buying the presidency, you fool.

    Obama is using the money from us productive people to promise checks to the working poor who pay no federal taxes.

    Obama has more paid staff then any president ever.

    yes, the race is close ,5pt's either way....Obama could spend half the money and probably be in the same shape.
  10. OK...but YOU didn't donate to Obama's campaign did you?
    whereas since McInsane's money is coming from the Taxpayers, so we are indirectly paying for his campaign...right??

    I just don't understand what the fucking difference is between public/private, and why you aren't allowed to take funding from both, and if so, why McCain didn't take private funding, and why it's such a BAD thing that Obama's financing is from donations and NOT from taxpayers...

    No one here has explained it yet...
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