Obama & McCain Financial Disclosure Forms

Discussion in 'Politics' started by saxon, Oct 13, 2008.

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  2. Mccain is a very shady individual,so is he and his wifes business activities
  3. Don't ever believe what they say or what they post about any policy. Clinton in 92 promised a middle class tax cut but then things had changed and could not do it. He ended up raising taxes.

    You need to look at their record and the party philsophy behind them. Remember you are electing a party more then an individual.

    This is why things never change
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    Get ready for a replay of that. I can see Obama now...."We had no idea things were this bad. Try as I might, there is just no way we can cut taxes. Besides, you would have spent it on the wrong things". :D
  5. Even though Clinton raised taxes,He still brought one of the greatest economies in this country's history

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  7. he is a putz LOL :D
  8. Overlay a line showing defense spending.
    This is the catalyst for deficits, because of the Democrats.
    The Republicans want strong military.
    The only way a Democrat will vote more money for military is if they get money for their goodies. It turns out for every dollar spent on military another dollar needs to go to discretionary spending.

    Even this month, A defense budget was passed and the Democrats tagged on 25 Billion for GM/Ford...Crazy.